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Hey y’all. Did you think I had forgotten about you? Ha! No, I didn’t. Everyone has had a lot going on since the beginning of this year. I can personally say, I think I’ve taken on more tasks at once than I ever have before LOL. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. On to the real reason for this article!

This interview was a little bit of a challenge for me, because these girls were the first “Young Artists” I’ve interviewed to date. But, I like a challenge. So, I hope you enjoy this interview with Abby & Hannah Herrold of the “The Herrold Sisters“.

TCB: Please give us a short bio about each of you girl individually.

Abby – I’m 11 years old and I live in Tulsa. I’m in the 5th grade. I play basketball and I’m President of the Student Council at school. My favorite artists are Taylor Swift and The Band Perry.
Hannah – I’m 14 years old and I live in Tulsa. I’m in 8th grade and besides singing and playing the guitar I play basketball and tennis. My favorite artists are the Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift.

TCB: How long have you girls been in the music industry?

Abby – Six months, right? (looking at Hannah)
Hannah – We started in June of 2012 – we went on a family trip to Nashville and we performed there.

TCB: Did either or both of you have an inspiration for singing or did it just come natural?

Abby – It kind of came natural. I got a guitar for Christmas a couple of years ago and it took off from there.
Hannah – I have always enjoyed signing at home and in the car but never in front of people until we got invited to perform in Nashville. From then on I have enjoyed performing in front of people. I got my first guitar in 2011 and I taught myself how to play looking at chord charts online.
TCB: My son just told me the other day he was going to buy an Electric Guitar and teach himself how to play it by either somewhere online or YouTube. I told him that I would rather pay for him to take lessons once a week up the road from our house @ the Music Shop. He didn’t like that idea. So I guess he’ll one day teach himself like you did Hannah. Congrats on teaching yourself.

TCB: Do you girls travel outside of Oklahoma to perform? (If Yes, please answer next few questions, if no, please skip the next few questions.)

Abby – Yes – we travel a lot!
Hannah – Yes – we’ve been to Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee and Florida. And Oklahoma of course!
TCB: Oh my. I live in Arkansas. If you are ever in this area again, please let me know. I’d love to “try” to come to your show!

TCB: What is the hardest part about being on the road?

Abby – Lots of Pressure! I feel like I have to do my absolute best so that I look good. Also my friends always ask me about my gigs and I want to be able to tell them I did well. When I start to perform, I am not nervous anymore.
Hannah – The drives are BORING and long! Otherwise I enjoy being on the road because its fun to explore new places.

TCB: What is the first thing you usually do after a long road trip?

Abby – Just hang out and catch up with my friends.
Hannah – I actually go upstairs and play my guitar!

TCB: What is your favorite meal at home?

Abby – I like steak and baked potatoes with my family!
Hannah – I don’t know….

TCB: Where is your favorite place to eat while out on the road performing?

Abby – we eat at different places because we go to different towns and cities and states. I like to change it up a lot – I like Italian, Mexican or anything American like burgers.
Hannah – A steakhouse….we went to a steakhouse before we sang in Grapevine and it was great!

TCB: Where has been your favorite place to perform?

Abby – I like performing at the Grapevine Opry in Grapevine, TX. It seems people really want to be there because they all have to buy tickets. I also like working with a band there that plays for us when we sing, and also watching the other performers!
Hannah – I like the Grapevine Opry because I feel the most comfortable there and everyone there is so welcoming.

TCB: Are you signed to a Record Label?

Abby – No, not yet!
Hannah – No. Are we?

TCB: Is Herrold Publishing Group, your father?

Abby – Yes!
Hannah – No….just kidding!
TCB: I meant to ask what it’s like having your “dad” as a boss, but I forgot. Darn it! I’m sure it’s a great experience for you girls and he’s not too tough on you two. 🙂

TCB: Other than your own performances, what other concert have you been to that you’d call your favorite?

Abby – I like the Taylor Swift concert when she was in Tulsa last year. She inspires me because she writes all of her own songs and I think that’s pretty cool…
Hannah – Probably Taylor Swift. She is one of my inspirations for song writing and her performances are really great.

TCB: Seeing how you are both rather young still, where would your dream performance be? (What country?)

AbbyMadison Square Garden – it’s such a big place and all of the famous musicians play there like Justin Bieber.
Hannah – I don’t know….

TCB: What goals do you have set for yourselves? (Music wise & other goals)

Abby – I’d like to go on tour someday and get signed!
Hannah – To get signed to a label and to build a wide fan base. I really want people to enjoy the music I create.
TCB: Well, I’ve listened to your music, and you both are very talented. Keep up the good work. You will one day be signed to a Label and that Label will be very lucky to have you both.

TCB: What is your favorite song that you’ve recorded?

Abby – I like “Fly” because I thought it was pretty cool that the Producer who helped us really liked that song a lot. I wrote that song myself so I really relate to it.
Hannah – I liked “Apologize” – I wrote it and it really speaks to me. It means a lot to me.
TCB: Congrats to the both of you for writing your own music at your young ages.

TCB: I’m sure there are other young aspiring artists out there such as yourselves, if could give them one piece of advice, to help them make a successful career out of music, what would you tell them?

Abby – Always keep dreaming!
Hannah – Don’t ever give up! Even when people are making fun of you! You never know how far you’ll get until you try!
TCB: That’s wonderful advice and I couldn’t agree with either of you more!

TCB: Where can our viewers find you and all of your music?

Hannah – Our website at www.theherroldsisters.com
TCB: You can also follow the girls on Twitter here: @HerroldSisters and you can follow their father “Herrold Publishing Group” here: @HerroldPubGroup

And that’s a wrap! If you are anything like me, when you read an article with young talented artists, you are eager to head over to their links and listen to them! Make no exception here folks. These girls may be young, but they have what it takes to make it to the top!

I honestly believe that one day, with their talent NOW, they WILL be signed to a Record Label and that label will be very lucky to have them on their team!

So, head on over to iTunes, I believe they are on YouTube as well, or just go to their website and listen to their music! You will be glad you took the time to listen!

Thanks again to Abby & Hannah for giving The Country Buzzz the opportunity to interview them and see what it’s like for girls their age in the Music Industry! Also, I would like to thank their father, Mr. Herrold for allowing his young girls to do this interview. I personally appreciate it and I’m sure viewers are going to appreciate it as well.

Please keep in touch and remember if you are ever in the Arkansas area again, let me know! I’d like to try my best to come to your show!

The Country Buzzz