I think it’s safe to say that anyone that enjoys Country Music and also keeps up with Country Musics Married Couple: Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert, knows that these two are no stranger to showing their emotions and affection for one another or their love for family & friends, and in Lambert’s case, her love for animals, dogs specifically (which are family in her opinion).

Lambert recently told E Online! her three rules for keeping a relationship strong and I must say, these three rules are very important to every relationship, along with many more. But like she says, these are just three of ” her” rules.

1. Communicate – Lambert encourages communication, which is made even easier today through our modern technology. She says, “If you can’t jump on the phone to chat with your significant other, keep up the texting.”

2. Make Time for Each Other – With Lambert’s Locked and Reloaded Tour and Shelton’s involvement in ‘The Voice,’ the two superstars have incredibly busy schedules, but she insists that time together is incredibly important. “Make time for him at least once a week,” she reveals.

3. Show Some Puppy Love – Everyone knows that Lambert loves dogs, and she believes it’s important to keep your relationship with your two-legged significant other strong…by investing in four-legged friends. “I’m a passionate dog lover,” she says. What better way to add some spice to your relationship than by inviting a furry friend into your home?

On Sunday night (Feb. 10), those who watch will get a glimpse of the fun-loving, Texas Bred Star, during her performance at the 2013 Grammys!

Take Lambert’s advice here. After all, we all know these really are three good rules.

I would say the following are 3 of the TOP keys to every “successful” relationship:
1. Communication 
2. Honesty 
3. Trust 
This goes for ANY relationship, whether it be marriage, friendship, or whatever. You have to have at least 3 of these listed, or you’re just wasting your time. It’s that simple!