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As you all already know, TCB is on Twitter, Facebook, and Sulia. Well guess what folks? You can now find TCB on Pinterest! That’s right. I took TCB to a whole new level. I’m trying to get this page and it’s intentions all across the web.

You can now PIN any article you read to your Pinterest Boards. Feel free to start “Pinning” away!

There are SO MANY new features I’m going to start trying to add, but I can’t do it alone. I hope you all read the last few articles I’ve posted about the new features already added and the ones I would love to add in the near future! Remember, I’m not begging you all for help or going to hold you hostage if you don’t donate. It would just mean a lot to me if you did. Even if it’s just $1. Every dollar adds up and it shows that you support what I’m doing as well as support the artists that give me their time to make these articles!

So, with that said. I hope to see you all on every site that I’m on!

Happy Pinning!

-The Country Buzzz