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Artist Alex Cartwright was nominated for Best Country Artist in the Artists in Music Awards, which was held in L.A. this past week. The winner is picked by a judges panel, but they have fan voting to help see what kind of support the artists have.

We all know Alex has a lot of fans. Who wouldn’t want to be her fan? You’d be crazy not to! She is very talented and is 100% devoted to her family, friends, fans, and her music! There’s nothing better than an artist that communicates with their fans!

Although Cartwright did not win an Official Award, she is however, a winner in our eyes. As her fans, we know she is and always will be a winner. She doesn’t need to win an award to know that.

Alex is bubbly and sweet as can be, so to show my appreciation, I have made her an award that I hope she too will love and appreciate!

Here’s the award I made Alex!

Alex Cartwright Award©TheCountryBuzzz

Alex Cartwright Award

Alex, if you like this Award and would like to have it printed for a keepsake item, or would like to frame it. Please feel free to email me or contact me on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll be glad to print it out & send it to you. Or, you can print it yourself if you’d like. If you want to print it, let me know and I’ll email you the full size original of the award.

-The Country Buzzz (Gigi)