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TCB: To start things off, do you mind giving us a short bio about yourself?
JEANETTE: I’m a Midwest girl, born in Columbia, Missouri , but I’d have to say I put down my country roots in the home of Hank Williams, Montgomery, Alabama . I’ve always had a creative spirit and have been writing, singing and painting since I was a little girl putting on living room talent shows for my very patient family members. Those who know me today, know that I always have something in the works.
TCB: What a quinky dink, I was born in Missouri also. Perryville, MO to be exact. And as we know, Sara Evans is from Missouri too, along with a few other artists (Rap & other genres), as well as a WWE Wrestler (Randy Orton). Guess Missouri is the “Show Me State” huh? ha ha We Show Me Folks like to “Show our talent”. 🙂

TCB: What would you say is the “best” thing about being a songwriter?
JEANETTE: Definitely being able to touch people’s lives through my music.
TCB: Great response! I am one to personally sit and listen to the “lyrics” of a song and take it all in. The lyrics to so many songs, have so much meaning. Especially Country Music!

TCB: How old were you when you wrote your first song?
JEANETTE: I think I probably wrote my first real song around the age of 15. I had a difficult time with my parent’s divorce and found songwriting to be a great outlet for my feelings and emotions at the time.
TCB: What better way to express your feelings in a situation like that, than to write about it. I always managed to do that, by writing poetry.

TCB: When writing a song, do you have a certain “technique” you like to follow?
JEANETTE: There are those few songs that seem to flow so easily, they just write themselves, but I tend to write most of my songs around a catchy melody that I have in my head. More often than not, I will start by getting the chorus down and then writing my verses back to it. This technique helps me to balance the song and give flow to my story.
TCB: That seems to be what a lot of songwriters are saying!

TCB: I’m sure you have had the chance to co-write with other writers, would you say you have a favorite co-writer?
JEANETTE: Yes I have and I feel I do my best writing and have the greatest chemistry with my HonkyTone Records co-writers, Tim Culpepper, Elbert West and Andy Wren

TCB: Do you believe it to be true when people say “If you can write a poem, you can write a song.”?
JEANETTE: I do believe that being a poet could lend itself to being a great lyricist, and if you also had a melodic ear, that you could marry the two talents very nicely. Although, to me, poetry tends to be a little more liberal with structure, balance and rhyme without having to adhere to meter and tempo as strictly as a song.

TCB: How many songs have you written by yourself? And how many have you written with a co-writer?
JEANETTE: I must confess, I’m a natural-born collaborator, I love teamwork! I’d say roughly 3 quarters of my songs are co-writes. I really enjoy the give and take of it, the sharing of ideas and the way the electricity fills the room when we know we have a winner!

TCB: Of all the songs you have written, would you say you have a favorite? If so, what’s the title?
JEANETTE: Of all of my songs, the one closest to my heart is “Pourin Whiskey on Pain“. That is a song written purely out of my love for traditional country music. When my co-writer, Tim Culpepper and I sat down to write that song, we wanted to write something that just bled fiddle and steel and pure honky-tonk. Little did I know at the time, that it would be the song that would land me my publishing deal and set me on the path I am on today. It is very special to me.
TCB: Congratulations! That must be very exciting!

TCB: Are you a part of a Music Publishing Company?
JEANETTE: I am a staff writer for HonkyTone Records in Nashville. I currently have several cuts with their new artist, Tim Culpepper on his debut album, Pourin Whiskey on Pain.

TCB: Have you had the opportunity to do an interview like this before?
JEANETTE: No, I haven’t but what fun! ϑ
TCB: Well, I’m glad I had the opportunity to be the first to interview you! 🙂

TCB: Do you ever find yourself re-writing your lyrics over and over just because they don’t make sense to you?
JEANETTE: Oh yes! All the time. I write and re-write, always looking for better ways to paint my picture for the listener and make it more relatable. Often, I will put a song down and let it breath for a while and if I am patient, it will usually tell me what it needs.

TCB: So, tell the viewers where they can find you on Social Networking Sites.
JEANETTE: In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution to be a more High Tech Redneck, you can now Tweet me @jayceegirl on Twitter or talk to me at Jeanette Marie on Facebook and email me at jcjamz68@comcast.net. If you would like to hear my music, you can find my songs on Tim Culpepper’s album at: www.timculpeppermusic.com.

TCB: Is there anything else you’d like to add that I may have missed during this interview.
JEANETTE: I thought it was great and really enjoyed it. Thanks for taking an interest in me and my music! ϑ
TCB: That’s what I’m here to do! Get new talented people out there, such as yourself and get y’all recognized for the great work you do. It takes a lot of time and patience to write music, perform, etc. It was an honor to have the opportunity to do this interview with you.

Well folks, this is what it’s like to be in the life of HonkyTone Records, Staff Songwriter, Jeanette Marie! It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job doing what you do, so keep up the good work and I can’t wait to hear some more of your songs!

Again, I’d like to say “Thank You” to Jeanette for giving ME the opportunity to share HER passion for music with YOU! I think we should all be thankful that she gave me this opportunity.

The problem with certain things today is, a lot of people go unrecognized for far too long, sometimes they never get acknowledged and that kind of lowers their self-esteem. So, I’m happy to be able to help artists, songwriters, etc. get their name and their passion for what they do out there. If even 1 person comes to you and says “Hey, I had never heard of you, until I read your interview article on The Country Buzzz’s website. So, I went and listened to those songs on Mr. Culpepper’s album and you really do have a gift for writing music.” To me, that means “my job” was successful. Just by helping even 1 person acknowledge you and give you recognition that you may have never gotten from that person before this interview.  So again, thank you very much for the opportunity. It was an honor!

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