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I recently came across a Band on Twitter that I thought I might enjoy getting to know, for one, because I liked their “Band Name” 🙂 Don’t judge me lol It’s rather intriguing. I had just never heard of them so I thought well, the name of the band looks interesting so I bet THEY are interesting.. Sure enough, they are! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do this interview with them. And for ME to be able to Interview THEM before ANYONE else? WHAT A FREAKIN’ HONOR! I don’t do these interviews just to get “known” by musicians, etc. I do this to get THEM known & acknowledged by Producers, Managers, Publishers, Record Labels, etc. that may not have ever heard of them! THAT’S WHY I DO THIS. And I can tell you, there’s NO better feeling than knowing you helped someone get their name out there and be recognized for their talent. Anyway, enough of that. Here is the interview with the great band “Mic & Moo”. I hope you enjoy!

Photo Credit: Twitter©MicandMooBand

Photo Credit: Twitter

TCB: Can you tell us a little bit about the two of you?

Mic: We are a singer/songwriter country-duo. We write all of our own music, but when we play live we have a few favorite songs we like to cover.

Moo: We actually started out just playing covers, but as our songwriting has improved, we ventured out try a few of ours to see how the audience reacts.

Mic: Both of us are self-taught musician’s and songwriters. We both play a variety of instruments. I started on the ukulele years ago, and then went on to learn guitar.

Moo: Although we both play several instruments, when we play live gigs, we pretty much just stick to the guitar.

TCB: How long have Mic & Moo been together as a band?

Moo: Over the year’s we tried to form a band, but neither one of us was ever good enough – musically – to sustain any type of real band.

Mic: As The Mic & Moo Band, we have officially played together for a few years now.

TCB: Do either or both of you have any inspirations for pursuing a career in this industry?

Moo: Yes! In the immediate future, I want to go to Belmont. That, I want to go there because it’s a great college and has produced several successful musicians. I want to get into the songwriting program or the music business program. I wish to improve my skills and BU would be a great fit for me. Also want to double major and get maybe a finance degree. I really want to be a Bruin!

Mic: I graduate law school in a few short months, and I have aspirations of working in music law, or entertainment law, in Nashville – either representing artists or labels.

TCB: At what age did each of you know when you wanted a career in music?

Moo: Like 8 and 16, respectively.

TCB: Do you travel a lot to perform, or is there one particular city you perform in the most?

Mic: Due to the fact that we are in different state’s most months (due to school), we end up playing independently of one another sometimes. We still write and compose our songs together, but usually end up playing them in different places. This is particularly challenging because Moo is the vocals, and I harmonize. When I do play on my own, it’s usually at local events or parties/get-together’s as well as other smaller venues.

Moo: We have some favorite places we like to play when we are together. Actually, we both play at our church every week. I play every week, Mic joins me when he’s home. We’ve had the opportunity to play across the country at different venues, and even internationally before, which was really special! I’ve also played some small venues. We prefer to do shows together, it just much more fun!

TCB: Do you prefer one genre of music over another? If so, why?

Moo: I mainly prefer country and old classic rock.

Mic: As far as playing music, I usually stick to country and folk, sometimes I’ll try a bluegrass song, and even some classic rock. Country is what we play the most, and all of our songs that we write are country songs. As far as listening, I love all sorts of genre’s. As a guitarist, I’m a huge fan of Dick Dale and listen to a lot of his music. Overall, I listen to lots and lots of country, both Nashville and Texas country.

Moo: Yeah, country is definitely our favorite, though we do have a pretty good taste in music from other genre’s as well.

TCB: Is your music played on the Radio or Online Radio Stations?

Mic: Not yet on the radio, but our music has been on television. I wrote a poem, which Moo put music to. The song is “Remember,” it is a September 11th Memorial Song. We were presented with an opportunity for the song to be aired in conjunction with our town’s 9/11 Memorial. Much to our surprise, when Moo went in the studio for the station’s producer to hear the demo, he was told to come back the next day because they wanted him to play live on the show. We were both floored by that, it was a fantastic opportunity we were given!

Moo: One of our other songs was used in a special Veterans Day Presentation by our town as well. That song is “Toy Soldiers,” and we’ll record it and get on our YouTube channel soon.

TCB: If you could open for one artist, who would it be and why?

Moo: That’s a tough one, there’s so many!  I’d have to say Eric Church because he’s an inspiration to be yourself and not change, just write from the heart. If not Eric, then Brad Paisley because he has a great show and is one of the best guitarists, and seems like he’d be a lot fun to be on tour with!

Mic: I have to agree with Moo on those, but I would also add that opening for George Strait would be absolutely incredible!

TCB: You are asked to give a speech to a crowd of aspiring artists/bands, what would you say to them to help them become successful?

Mic: I feel the musical journey is just that, a journey. You never really reach an end, so you should never take for granted any gig you get to play, rather just soak it in and love every minute of it! As for writing music, there’s truly an infinite amount of material to write about, just get creative. Creativity can inspire more creativity, and that makes your possibilities endless. Above all, have fun. If you’re not enjoying yourself, it is reflected in your music. If you’re playing live and you’re not having fun, the audience feels it. Some people may say we are “unsuccessful” because few have heard of us, but success is very subjective. Success essentially becomes what you make of it. If you view writing your first song a major success, then you are already successful! If you view winning an ACM, CMA, or even Grammy success, then don’t give up, and enjoy the journey getting there!

I look at it this way, the whole point of writing and playing music is so that you can share it with others. It doesn’t matter how you share it (YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, playing a gig, etc.), by sharing it you allow your music to touch people. If your songs comfort someone, inspire another, energize a group, or just relieve your own stress, you’re successful! If you can find a way to make a living out of doing that, then that should be an added bonus. If you win awards for your music, and make lots of money from it, consider it a blessing. A lot of artists come and go, but only a few live on in their songs. Stay true to your songs, but don’t forget to have fun.

Moo: I have to agree with every word there. I would only add this, don’t give up. It’s easy to get discouraged writing, or not getting to play a gig you really wanted, having people not care about your songs. Don’t give up, keep on going, it builds character and makes you stronger. If you write a song, or play a cover, that nobody likes, rework it a little, write more songs, put more feeling in your cover song, whatever it takes, just don’t give up.

TCB: Have you ever been given the opportunity to do an interview like this before?

Moo: Nope, but we’re honored that you’re our first interview! Thank you so much!

TCB: Have you ever performed a “Benefit or Charity” Concert? If so, what charity or what was the benefit for?

Moo: Not yet, unless you count the Veteran’s Day or 9/11 Memorial as concerts.
*Some may not consider that a “concert”, but for you boys, it sure as hell is a huge honor!” – Congrats!

TCB: Where can all of our viewers find ALL of your music and links?

Mic: You can find all of our music on YouTube under “MicAndMooOFFICIAL”

Moo: We will be posting more songs soon! We have a lot written, we just need to record it, so stay tuned! Please subscribe too, we’ll do our best to subscribe to your channels too! Also, you can follow us on Twitter: @MicandMooBand, and again we’ll do our best to follow back! Our latest song is “Jaybird“, it’s on YouTube, so please check it out!

Mic: Again, thank you very much for interviewing us!

Moo: Yes, we really appreciate it!

You guys gave some wonderful advice! I love your responses. You were straight forward, and directly to the point. Everything you said, couldn’t have been said better than the way you both said it. I hope that many aspiring artists/bands can learn something from your advice and experiences!

It’s pretty clear you both have your head on right. You know exactly what you want and you are going for it. Like you said, don’t ever give up. On anything! If you have a dream or a goal, go for it. Just remember, it will never be easy, but the journey and wait will ALWAYS be worth the wait. I tell myself this every day. And I am always telling my kids the same thing. If you give up on something you truly want to do, you will never be successful. It’s just that plain and simple. You have to reach for the stars and take the plunge so to speak, but it’s always worth it.

I’m very honored to be the first to be able to interview you guys. It’s truly a great honor and it’s something I will never forget. Just remember, if y’all are ever in Arkansas, let me know, I expect backstage passes LOL. I’m glad to have had this opportunity, so again, Thank You! And please keep me up to date with new happenings, etc. I’m excited to take this journey of your career with you and all of the others that I’ve been given the chance to interview. I’m really hoping that everyone who reads this, will listen to your music and get to know y’all.

Good luck with your music & your other careers/goals. With the willpower you both have, I know you WILL succeed in everything you want.