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I had the pleasure of Interviewing “Mary Sarah” (aka MarySarahMusic – Twitter)! It took her a few days to respond as she was out-of-town and wasn’t able to get back with me until today! Yay! Her interview is as follows:

Photo Credit: Twitter©Mary Sarah

Photo Credit: Twitter
©Mary Sarah

TCB: Can you please give our viewers a short bio about yourself?

MARY: I have a great family. I’m 17.5 years old (my birthday is 7/7) and I’m single and have been singing for as long as I can remember. My parents said that I didn’t sleep at all for the first 6 months after being born and we all think that helped me develop my voice :). I have 2 brothers and 1 sister all older than me. Tyler is a world-class mountain/free climbing photographer, Chris is a computer geek and great real estate agent, and my sister Emilee is my best friend and is in college at Middle Tennessee State University studying to fly airplanes!

TCB: You share a birthday with my daughter! She’ll be 17 this July! She too, has a sister named Emilee (Same spelling. My daughter got to name her! It’s her dad’s little girl with his wife.)

TCB: At what age did you begin singing?

MARY: Maybe day one LOL! I seriously began though at 10 years old in my church. My dad is a musician and singer and when he heard me sing with a natural vibrato, he was like “Mama, get that girl some singing lessons“. So I did and at 12 I was selected be part of a nationwide rock concert tour put on by KidZBop (yup, and it was FUN!)

TCB: At what age did you write your first song?

MARY: Age 13 – it was called “Crazy Good” – and it was a co-write with my sissy Emilee. My first totally by my own song was at age 15 called “Mistaken

TCB: Did you have anyone or anything that inspired you to take a chance at a career in the music industry, or is music just something natural for you?

MARY: Both really. But watching Miley Cyrus (who had her big tour the same year I went out on tour with KidZBop) and Taylor Swift has been really inspirational to see them perform and be themselves. My parents were always telling all of us kids to find something we loved to do and they would support us as far as the could, and we’d never regret that decision. So I did! Performing comes natural to me, and singing pretty much too.

TCB: I love that you are a “Country Singer/Songwriter”, why did you choose Country over all other genres?

MARY: I have been touring all over Texas singing in what are called local and regional “Opry’s” – kinda of like the Grand Ole Opry – but with fewer people lol, and have been singing the Country Legend songs to crowds since I was 12. So it came naturally to me to sing and write Country style music. Also, with country it is more of a “family” styled group of artists that look out for each other. My country “Uncles” @JoeBonsall @DUANEALLEN @WLGolden and @Rasterban of the @OakRidgeBoys are like that. They look out for me and mentor me and protect me in the business, and that’s just how country is. Also, I have watched Taylor Swift’s songs go across to other styles and genres but it’s so rare that an artist comes from another genre to country. I also see the pop/rock style of people and the lifestyles they lead and it’s just really not me.

TCB: Do you believe that the lyrics to a country music song has more meaning than most other genres of music?

MARY: That really depends. Not so much more “meaning” but that they tend to tell more stories than a rock or pop song. Those of other styles seem to be way more like “beat” oriented and the like. You can also mention God and your faith in Country where you can’t so much in other genres, and my faith is really important to me.

TCB: Have you had the chance to open for any Country Superstars? If so, who?

The Oakridge Boys – as cameo appearance in their shows
The Trishas – a bluegrassy group of great singers
The Bellamy Brothers – in Boerne, TX
But not any current Superstars….YET!

TCB: What is the best advice you would give someone that’s interested in making a successful career in the music industry?

1. Be FULLY committed to the decision.
2. Have NO distractions (or at least, realize they will come as temptations)
3. Work HARD on your gift. I practice my vocals, guitar and piano daily.
4. NEVER give up.
5. “Date” or “Marry” your music – own it and write it!
6. Pray a lot for heavenly help. 🙂

TCB: Do you have any Foundations, Charities, Organizations, etc. that hold a special place in your heart & that you donate to?

Impact a Hero – a Wounded Warrior group that support our critically wounded Veterans
JDRFJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – My brother is a Type 1 Diabetic
American Red Cross – the amazing group of first responders!

TCB: If you could choose 1 Country Superstar to open for, who would you choose and why?

MARY: Alive it would be Carrie Underwood, because I would love to go on tour with her and hang around her so she would rub off on me! I think she’s an amazing role model, spokesperson and great ambassador for Country Music like no one else out there today.

Deceased, Miss Patsy Cline. Classy, sassy and OMG I love her singing.

TCB: That makes 2 of us. I love me some Patsy Cline & Loretta Lynn!

TCB: Other than your own music, what are 5 songs playing on the radio now that you love?

Gary Allen – Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain
Eli Young Band – All their stuff
Lumineers – Ho Hey
Miranda Lambert – Fastest Girl In Town
Carrie Underwood – Two Black Cadillacs
Kacey Musgraves – Merry Go Round
Luke Bryan – all of them
Zac Brown – everything…

Sorry that’s more than 5 🙂

TCB: That’s ok, I wouldn’t be able to pick just 5 either lol

TCB: Have you traveled outside of the U.S. to perform? If not, what country would you love to travel to and perform?

MARY: No. I would LOVE to go to Europe and tour for their festivalswhich may just happen this summer! Keep you fingers and legs and eyes crossed for me :)~

TCB: Everything’s crossed. Good Luck & Best Wishes! If you get to go, keep us updated!

TCB: Where can all of our viewers find your music, fan pages, etc.?

Google me! (that’s easy)
I’m on iTunes (Crazy Good is the album)

I’m everywhere! (Go ahead download me!)



TCB: How many singles have you released? How many full albums (if any) have you released?

MARY: 1 full album calledCrazy Good2 years ago. We have put outCrazy Goodas a single, “One Time Aroundhas been featured on many compilation CD’s andDear Diary” was a single release.

TCB: When can your fans expect to hear new music?

MARY: Very Very soon! I promise. My new project will be out this spring / summer – which is a duets project with 12 of the greatest living country legends. Can’t tell you more than that yet! Right behind it will be my own stuff written with some of the most amazing writers in Nashville today like @LauraVeltz @JessieJoDillion @RLHOfficial (Rebecca Lynn Howard) @CourtneyDashe and many more. Get ready!

TCB: Do you have anything else that you’d like to add that we may not have covered in this interview?

MARY: Just to thank my fans, family and friends for all their love, support and prayers that have helped to sustain us as we have been working hard to get the music out! God Bless you all and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

And there you have it folks. An amazing interview with the wonderful, beautifully talented artist MARY SARAH! She is one lucky young lady to have been given the chance to work great artists like The Oak Ridge Boys! That’s amazing.

I have created a direct link to all of her links above, so just click a link you want to go to, and BAM, you’re there!

Congratulations to Mary Sarah on ALL of her hard work. She’s obviously doing great for herself, so as I always say “If you are doing something right, keep doing it.” And that’s exactly what it appears here in this case. She appears to be doing it ALL the right way. Of course, she can learn new things every day. But she has some GREAT mentors to help her learn those things! Good luck in Europe. Keep us up to date with new happenings and I look forward to taking this journey with you and your music career!


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