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On Facebook this evening Lexy Gilman said “Auditions went well! I did my absolute best and I’m pretty proud of myself. Unfortunately no one finds out if they made it or not until somewhere between February-April! So, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and saying some prayers, thanks for everyone’s support. I couldn’t do this without you guys encouraging me and believing in me. So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart <3!"

If America's Got Talent (AGT) doesn't realize what a wonderful gift Lexy has and sees her true talent, then they need to get some different judges on there for these auditions. Lexy has a talent like no other. However, as we all know, not every one thinks the way we do. (They just don't know a special talent when they see it.)

I'm very proud of Lexy for going to all of these auditions (The Voice, AGT, etc.) even when she didn't make it through to the next round, she never gave up. She always says "I done my best and that's all I can do!" And she's right. Gilman has proved that she isn't a quitter. She will continue to fight for her dream and for doing so, she WILL one day make it BIG. With or without the help of a TV Show. I have faith in her and she has faith in herself and that alone will get her everywhere she needs and deserves to be!