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Of course I’ve been blessed again to have the opportunity to interview yet another great Artist: Cole Taylor

I happened to come across him, like many others, on Twitter. I had never heard of Cole Taylor before. Until last week or so. Like usual, I checked out his music, and done some research about him, etc. The normal routine before I interview anyone. Well, you see, I liked the music so here I am, writing an article on Mr. Cole Taylor. Enjoy 🙂

Photo Credit: Twitter© Cole Taylor

Photo Credit: Twitter
© Cole Taylor

TCB: Do you mind giving us a short bio about yourself?

COLE: I grew up in a small town that Wal-Mart hasn’t found yet. Cuthbert, GA is where I am from and will always claim. I am really just a laid back guy that loves to play and write country music. I grew up playing in a small 55 people church and moved onto small town festivals and now I am playing larger music venues.

TCB: At what age did you write your 1st song?

COLE: I was 14 when I wrote my first song, funny story, I was mowing grass one day on my family farm and I had an idea pop in my head, didn’t know how to play guitar at all, and I just started writing this song in my head. My love for songwriting has grown ever since that day.

TCB: Did you have someone or something that inspired you to make a career in the music industry?

COLEI did not, honestly I started out because I knew girls liked guys that could sing and play guitar haha. But once I figured out that people really were digging what I was doing with my music I knew that I could possibly make a dent with my own brand of country music and I started from there.

TCB: Are you a solo artist or do you play with a full band?

COLEI have a band that travels with me, but I do solo performances as well!

TCB: I am currently gigging all around the South East. From Mississippi to Georgia, The Carolinas to Florida. Just the whole southeastern US.

TCB: Do you donate to charities, foundations, organizations, etc.?

COLEI do donate to most non profits that approach me with a concert. I have no problem at all doing benefit concerts. My latest one would be for Autistic Children in Albany, GA. I love giving back to the community with every chance that I can.

TCB: What would you say have been the “best moments” of your music career?

COLE: It would have to be winning the Overall Artist of the Year AND Male Artist of the Year in Georgia this year. Male artist was a big deal to me at the beginning of the Awards show and then they announced the Overall Artist of the Year, which basically takes every artist in Georgia (Band, Male, & Female) and this was the only award that was industry voted, so that was a really cool feeling that I can’t even begin to describe. It just proves to myself that I am stepping in the right direction, but not anywhere close to where I want to stop!

TCB: What does the award mean to you?

COLE: Like I said it means a lot to be named Overall and Male Artist of the Year. It means to me that I have worked hard to be able to get to this point and it symbolizes something to work harder for. I never want to be satisfied with my music, I always want to have something better to aim for!

TCB: Is there a specific genre of music you write and play?

COLECountry is my prime, but I don’t lock myself down to just one genre, I listen to all types of music. Yes, even Rap haha. I love getting some musical fresh air if that’s what we can call it. haha

TCB: Have you ever had the chance to perform in Nashville at this point in your career?

COLE: I am actually Nashville’s newest resident so I am sure I will be playing a few writers rounds soon.

TCB: If you could choose to be the opening act for 1 artist, who would you choose and why?

COLE: Gosh there’s so many to choose from, I grew up on 90’s country so Travis Tritt and Garth Brooks for sure. I have opened for my favorite Luke Bryan, so other than him Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley.

TCB: Who all have you had the chance to open for?

COLE: Wow there are lots. Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert, .38 Special, Shenandoah, Sammy Kershaw, Joe Nichols, Justin Moore, Craig Campbell, Jake Owen, Colt Ford, Corey Smith, Lee Brice, Randy Houser, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and there’s a whole bunch more but those were my favorites.

TCB: Do you have a full album out anywhere? Such as iTunes, Reverbnation, etc.?]

COLE: I do! iTunes has my latest AlbumCab Of My Chevy” we have moved a TON of records on iTunes and at the live show.

TCB: Do you have a manager and/or producer, or do you do everything yourself?

TCB: Where can all of our viewers find your music, fan pages, etc.?

COLE: Ya know, I do the Facebook and Twitter thing we are about 6,000 strong on both of those. My website is www.coletaylormusic.com. I would love for people to come interact and post on my pages! I love hearing from all of my fans.

TCB: If someone interested in becoming an artist approached you, asking for advice on how to be successful, what advice would you give?

COLEI would give them the same advice I was given. Live. As long as you live your life to the fullest you will never run out of songs to write. For me songwriting is everything. I love bringing something new to the game and saying stuff my own way. So for a new artist I would say live and play your music for anybody who will listen to you.

There ya have it. Words straight from Mr. Cole Taylor himself. What a great interview. I feel very honored to have had this opportunity to interview you Cole. You gave great advice, were very open with your responses. And it appears that you have been lucky enough to open for many great artists. I wish you best of luck and hope you have many many more years of great experiences like you’ve already had. Keep doing what you’re doing because it seems to be working for you!

Keep TCB up to date with new happenings and I’ll be more than happy to update this interview at any given time. Again, thank you so much for this opportunity!