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As usual, I feel VERY honored to have this opportunity to Interview yet another Artist. Excuse me, Artists! I don’t personally know Brandon and Cora, but just by their interview, I feel like I kind of do now. Hope that makes sense. I’m ecstatic to see that they were absolutely themselves during this interview and it appears they had fun with it. Which I LOVE!

Ok, I guess I’ll share with y’all. I hope you enjoy it and learn something from them, as I did. Their interview is as follows:

Photo Credit: Twitter© Brandon & Cora Reynolds

Photo Credit: Twitter
© Brandon & Cora Reynolds

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the 2 of you? (A short bio for each would be great.)

CMR/BSR: For starters..When a Mommy and Daddy love each other very much……..HA HA!!!

Cora (CMR): I grew up in Auburn Hills, MI and began singing in church with the loving push from Randy Smith (LeeAnn Womacks current bass player). At that time, he was the Music Director at the Walton Blvd. Church of God. At first, I was extremely nervous but come to enjoy it as time went on. Randy really help me see that singing was a way to escape and/or relay my feelings about love, life, relationships, friendships etc.. through music . At age 19, I made my first recording ever of “When You Say Nothing at All” for Brandon. And still to this day, I occasionally sing it for him in downtown Nashville as a special surprise.

Brandon (BSR): I grew up in Rochester Hills, MI and began playing bass guitar in a Heavy Metal Band at age 15. Actually, this is my first go-around with country music. Country has always been my main choice for listening, I just never played it in a band. People always wonder how I can listen to country, and play hard rock/heavy metal….”Country is a way of life, not a sound“. Playing music is the one thing that I have always enjoyed…no matter what the genre was.

Q: How long have you been in the music industry (Individually & Together)?

CMR: Although singing in church as I grew up, it wasn’t until 2010 when some friends of ours, after several attempts…finally went full term with their 5th pregnancy! Brandon told me the great news and at that point, I became overwhelmed with emotions (that’s what us mommy’s do). I began writing lyrics to my first song…”Somewhere Between Heaven & A Child” which you can find at www.Reverbnation.com/CBReynolds. And from then on…All I do is write.

BSR: I have been writing music for 23 years, now that I finally found the right person to pursue it with…I’m having more fun than I could imagine. Writing with Cora has taken my playing to a new level and we are creating songs that I would have never done on my own.

Q: Did either of you have someone or something that inspired you to pursue a career in this industry?

CMR: BRANDON, Everyday Life, most importantly…Our Children!

BSR: $$$$$$$$$….OH, and I LOVE being on stage…. 😉 …and CORA….and Cliff Burton…..and GARTH BROOKS…and GARTH BROOKS..did I mention Our Children and GARTH BROOKS? 😉

Q: Would you say that being in this career “together” has brought you closer as a couple?

Yes….The arguments are much sweeter now…haha! And we get some really cool songs out of it..

Q: If an aspiring artist asked you for advice on how to make a successful career in the music industry, what advice would you give them?

BSR/CMR: Write, play, write, play, BE YOU, and most importantly..BE ORIGINAL! In the words of the Great Charlie DanielsWe already have a Carrie Underwood“, BE YOU!!

Q: About how many hours a week would you say you spend writing music?

BSR/CMR: Not nearly enough. We have full-time jobs, 3 children who live with us and one more in Michigan. We are parents first then musicians. If we had to put a time on it….12 hours! Everything is 50/50. We live as a family and in between spankings we work on music ideas!! HaHa! seriously though…. AM-PM-PMS we are constantly working n music ideas. 😉

Q: Do you have other careers outside of the music industry?

Career? NO..NO..NO.. work? UH-HUH! can you say blue-COLLAAAAH?

Q: You are given the opportunity to perform at a benefit/charity concert of your choice. What charity, cause, foundation, etc. would you choose and why?

CMR: St. Jude, Susan G Komen & <–does that look like a ribbon? I heard a phrase once from a breast cancer survivor..”Of course they’re fake, the real ones tried to kill me!” and she wore it PROUD!!). Anything to do with Cancer because most families in the world have had TERRIBLE LOSS to this disease.

BSR: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Q: When you’re writing a song, do you have a special “songwriting technique” that you use?

BSR: Not really, I usually start playing my guitar or writing lyrics and just let it take over. Music in general has a way of just coming together. If I write a lyric, the music usually finds a way into my head and vice versa.

Q: Do you perform live very often? If so, where do you perform most of the time?

BSR/CMR: We are currently working on setting all of that up here in Nashville. We just wanted to make sure we had something to offer. There are so many talented people in this town we didn’t wanna go out there without any ammunition, so to speak.

Q: What would you say are the TOP 3 keys to writing a successful song?

BSR/CMR: In order of importance…. Inspiration, motivation, originality…..Almost everything has been written about. It’s up to US to tell a story in OUR own words and expression no matter what the topic.

Q: Do you have any other specific songwriters that you co-write with?

BSR/CMR: Just one for now, not that we are against writing with other people but when you find something that works, you go with it…We just finished up 3 songs with Trey Willeford of Colorado. He has helped bring our music to the next level. And the 3 that we wrote with him will be our first 3 singles to market

Q: Have you ever had a song published that is being played on the radio today?

BSR/CMR: “Frog Giggin” is our debut single. We are pushing it first because of the original sound that it has. Nothing on country radio even comes close to sounding like it. Described…”It has a 50’s swing with a Bluegrass Root“. That is the best way to describe it. Again, it can be found on www.reverbnation.com/cbreynolds will hit iTunes, Spotify, etc., in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you posted.

Q: Do you prefer country music over any other genre?

BSR/CMR: Country is who we are…Anything else would be like we were LYING!!

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add that we may not have already covered in this interview?

We as people, artists, and fans of music do what everyone else does…We look to music for salvation, relaxation, motivation, and inspiration. We use it as a tool to escape reality and step into a world of fantasy (so to speak). Music is the most UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE in the world. No matter the genre, and/or the listener…”WE ALL SPEAK MUSIC

P.S. A person that ALL country music fans should check out is our friend Tommy Steele..We actually owe him a debt of gratitude for the contacts that he has helped us make here in Nashville and in the music business in general. We are from the same area in Michigan and he is the “STAPLE” of what is to come from Detroit in the country genre. “DIESEL COUNTRY” all the way. Huge Thank You to: http://www.TommySteeleBand.com!

Cora & Brandon Reynolds

You can also find Cora & Brandon at the following links:

Email: cb_reynolds@yahoo.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rambomosquito
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chickmilee
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/cbreynolds
Well, I don’t know about you all, but that interview was rather interesting and fun! Very enjoyable. And if you didn’t learn something from these 2, then maybe you need to RE-read this lol. I just loved how they were themselves and had fun with it.

Here’s a little message that they just tweeted me:

@TheCountryBuzzz We tried to be Bauzer from Sha-na-na and Smurfette but we couldn’t get the accent’s right in our sentences 😉

That’s comical. I enjoyed every bit of this interview. Getting to know a little more about Cora & Brandon was wonderful. I’m glad to see that “Family is first” for them, as it should be with everyone! But as we know, not everyone looks at it that way!

I love seeing St. Jude’s & Susan G. Komen Foundation on their top charities list. Those are BOTH amazing Foundations and are very helpful to countless people out there. I wish more people donated and performed for these Foundations.

Cancer has taken every member of my family’s life that has passed. All different types of cancer, but still cancer is cancer!

Well, I’d like to say Thank You to Brandon & Cora Reynolds for taking time out of their busy lives to sit down and give us the opportunity to get to know them better. I hope to hear back from you 2. Please keep in touch and keep us up to date with any new happenings in your lives. The Country Buzzz is here to take this journey with you!

Peace, Love, & Music!