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The Country Buzzz has been very busy with interviews lately. And I’m not complaining one bit. I’m loving every minute of it to be honest with you. I’m more than thankful for the amazing opportunity that ALL of these wonderful, talented folks have given me.

This interview, is with Ms. Sara Skinner! I love how Sara went into deep detail on most of the questions during this interview. And I hope that some of you, that are just starting your career, will find her words very inspiring and helpful. Below is her interview!

Photo Credit: Twitter© Sara Skinner

Photo Credit: Twitter
© Sara Skinner

Q: Would you care to tell our viewers a little bit about yourself?
A: Well, hey! I’m Sara Skinner, an alternative rock pop singer songwriter from Texas, now living in Hollywood, CA working hard at the start of my career. I play guitar and piano. I’m on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, so you may know me from there, if not, add me and talk to me. I enjoy getting to know everyone!

Q: How long have you been in the music career?
A: I’ve been taking it extremely seriously for about a year now. I took 5 original songs, made an EP out of them last January and started introducing myself to people in the music industry.

Q: Who or what (if any) was your inspiration to begin a career in music?
A: Really my parents, because they’ve always encouraged me to do music. I’ve always secretly written my own songs, and performed for thousands. In my room.. in front of the mirror. I think my parents were aware of this (parents know everything). They bought me my first guitar, signed me up for piano lessons, and forced me to play at local talent shows. I’m making it sound like I didn’t want to perform live, because I didn’t ha. I was always terrified of singing in front of people, but once I tried it out a few times, I realized I kind of liked it, so I kept doing it any chance I got, despite the nerves. Now I love it! They also encouraged me to enter one of my original songs in a national contest, which to my surprise, ended up being voted into the top 10, by the nation. So it’s thanks to them for making me realize I was good at something!

Q: Are you currently signed with a Record Label Company?
A: I’m Unsigned! Since I’ve been in LA I’ve actually had quite a few really good offers, that some people think I’m crazy for giving up, but staying true to the artist I truly want to be, I’ve declined. Right now I am working with a team of people who are letting me write, and do what I want artistically– something extremely uncommon in the music industry… So I consider myself super blessed. The plan is to keep growing my fan base and we should start presenting my music to labels in the next few months.

Q: Do you currently have a Music Producer? If so, do you mind telling us who?
A: I’ve worked with several people while I’ve been here in California. I just finished recording four new songs in Santa Barbara with Clif Magness who produced a bunch of songs on Avril Lavigne’s first album. He’s also been working with Kelly Clarkson, Mozella, The Veronicas, Celine Dion, and some other really great artists. Next week I’m going back to work with Holly Knight, who was just nominated into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame for writing Pat Benetar’s song “Love Is A Battlefield.”

Q: Do you write any or all of your music yourself?
A: I write all lyrics by myself. I do appreciate having a pro tell me “no that sounds stupid, don’t say that,” but my own thoughts, words, images and feelings are really important to me. I’m not really into artists that don’t write their own music. I’ve very recently been co-writing with a list of well established writers. It’s been “SO FREAKIN AWESOME!” I mean, I’ve basically been getting free songwriting lessons from some of the best writers in the music industry. I’m planning on going back to writing mostly solo after these next few sessions, though.

Q: Do you have any charities, causes, or organizations that you donate to?
A: I need someone to donate to the Sara Skinner’s Music Foundation. haha. But I’m totally for real, I have a tip jar and I’m running a fundraising campaign on my site SaraSkinner.com. However, the answer to real question is: when I’m capable, I’d really like to donate money to abused animals, and families in need.

Q: If an aspiring artist approached you and asked you for advice on how to start a career in music and how to be successful in the process, what advice would you give?
A: Just start! Make things happen for yourself. Quit procrastinating. Stop caring what everybody else thinks.

Q: Are you currently performing anywhere or with another artist?
A: I’ve been playing at a bunch of places in Hollywood, including Loews Hotel with some really good artists on Friday nights, and then yes, the street as you may have seen on YouTube, where I was shut down one night and almost arrested because of the size of the crowd (one of my favorite/scariest memories). I’ve been so lucky to have already played at most of the venues on Sunset Blvd. (House of Blues, Viper Room, Roxy Theatre, Whisky A Go Go, etc.). I’ve also tried to make it convenient for my fans around the world, doing online concerts at unusual hours, and a recent, very successful, StageIt.com show that was actually set up by my a few of my fans! This February I’m planning on another StageIT show, as well as my biggest show yet, February 9th, at TEEN HOOT in Nashville, TN. I seriously cannot wait for this, and there is a meet and greet! So I’m pretty much freakin out, because I’m getting to meet every fan that goes to the HOOT! Tickets are available at TeenHoot.com

Q: Do you tend to stick to one particular genre of music? Or do you try not to label yourself to one and perform multiple genres?
A: I like the stripped down acoustic sound, as you can see with my cover song videos on YouTube, but I’d describe the original music I’m working on now as alternative rock pop. I grew up listening to bands and artists like My Chemical Romance and Avril Lavigne, so you may be able to hear a little of that somewhere in there.

Q: Have you traveled outside of the U.S. to perform? If not, what Country would you travel to and perform for? Why this particular Country?
A: I haven’t ever been out of the US. I have a big concentration of fans in France, UK, Spain, Germany, Brazil and Malaysia so shout out to them! I’d love to go to all of those places.

Q: Do you perform as a solo artist, or with a full band?
A: Solo. I would like a band, but I’ve yet to find someone willing to travel with me around the US for no pay. I had what I call a mini-band back in Texas, myself, a drummer and lead guitarist. It was really fun, we made it work, and I think we sounded great. Acoustic is cool for YouTube and small crowds, but for me, I’d take a band over playing solo any day. I’m supposed to be putting one together for a showcase soon, so I can’t wait to see how that goes!

Q: How many interviews have you had since you started your music career?
A: Maybe 10 at the most. I actually haven’t done any in a while, I’ve been super hardcore focusing on writing, making YouTube videos and playing out. So besides all those exciting things, I haven’t had much to talk about until now. I’m gaining some real traction on YouTube, re-releasing a newly recorded version of my original songBreakJanuary 8 with a self-made music video, and getting ready for some of my biggest live shows so far!

Q: If our viewers are interested in finding out more about you, listening to your music, etc. Where can they find you?
A: My main site is: www.SaraSkinner.com, where you can find all my links. I’m mainly on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. I keep all my events posted on my Facebook Page! You’ll be able to download “Break” for free only by joining or currently being on my email list, when it’s released January 8. My first EP is no longer available on iTunes, so only my starting group of fans have that album in their possession.

I also have a Street Team Site SaraSkinner.Fanrising.com where fans can earn points by sharing my stuff online, and as a big THANK YOU for their support they can cash in points for free merchandise!

Thanks! This was a fun interview, I look forward to our next one in the future!

Click here to follow Sara on Twitter: SaraSkinner

What an amazing young lady! It really sounds like Sara has her stuff together pretty well. She knows what she wants and she isn’t going to settle for anything less. Good for you girl. Never settle for anything less than you want or deserve!

I think a lot of young, and even older talented artists could learn a lot from Sara. Let this interview be a learning tool for you and your dream of having a career in the music industry!

I am excited to follow you through this journey of your music career. I can’t wait until our next interview. Please feel free to contact me anytime with new information. Also, thank you for being YOU. You went into great detail in this interview and I’m sure other artists and even your fans will LOVE that you done that. It says a lot about you!