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I have had the honor of Interviewing singer/songwriter Alex Cartwright. In the interview, she describes herself as “bubbly”. I have to say, by reading her responses and following her on Twitter, she was right on point with that description. I just love her bubbly sense of humor. She is something special that’s for sure. A real true talent and very down to Earth, lovely lady. You too, can read her Interview Responses below. I hope you enjoy this Interview as much as I did. Any Record Label, would be lucky to have her!

Photo Credit: Twitter© Alex Cartwright

Photo Credit: Twitter
© Alex Cartwright

Q: Would you like to tell our viewers a little bit about yourself?
A: Ha-ha, I’m a goof! Seriously though, I love to have fun and be positive. Just about everyone would agree that if there was one word to describe me, it would be BUBBLY. I want to live my life in a way that brings joy to those around me. That is extremely important to me. If I can make you smile, I’m happy!

Q: How long have you been in the music business?
A: Well, my “career” really started when I was 10. My mother was a deejay for a radio program called “The Folk Migrations” and because I was interested, she started taking me along and showing me the ropes. Soon, I started doing the first hour of the program as the kids folk section of the show. Then when I was a teenager I started doing my own show. It was around the time I started doing my own show that I began “officially” writing music (I think I’d dabbled in it my whole life…it’s just something that was there). I started performing at festivals when I was 18. I started actually pursuing a career as singer/songwriter when I was 26. I had to really find myself before I could make that transition.

Q: Do you currently have any singles out? If so, where can we find them?
A: I released my EP Pure Unadulterated Me this summer! Midnight Driving was the first official single from the EP, but you can find the whole album on my website, www.alexcartwright.net. It’s also all over the web (iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc.).

Q: Do you write most or all of your music yourself? Or do you have different co-writers?
A: All of the music on Pure Unadulterated Me I wrote myself, but I have since become an avid fan of co-writing! I’m very active with NSAI (Nashville Songwriter’s Association International) which has led to a lot of opportunities to share ideas with others. Co-writing is such a great way to expand your way of thinking and really bring life to songs you might not have been able to finish otherwise.

Q: Are you a solo artist at the present time, or do you perform with a full band?
A: I perform as a solo artist most of the time. I would love to have a full band, but it hasn’t happened yet at this point. I do love the intimacy of performing solo acoustic shows though. Interacting with people is fantastic at those types of shows.

Q: Who or what inspired you to pursue a music career?
A: I tend to believe most of us that make a go of a music career do it because we have very little choice. It’s in my blood. I don’t know how to NOT do it. I do get a lot of inspiration as to how I go about it though…from so many artists. Bonnie Raitt comes to mind right away. I could name hundreds though.

Q: When writing a song, do you tend to write about your life, things happening around the globe, or do you use a specific technique?
A: Yes! I write a lot about my life and the lives of those around me. I’m not big on opinion type songs about world events, but if something around the globe touches me, I’ll write about it. I’ve actually been working on a song lately that decided it needed to be written about the recent events in Newtown. It’s been a hard one to write. As far as technique…I try to use different techniques to help expand my songwriting and keep things fresh. That’s one of the things I love about co-writing. You can see what techniques others use and try them out.

Q: Do you have a Music Producer?
A: Well, Jeff Parker with Cimarron Sound Lab produced my EP Pure Unadulterated Me, but I’m not signed to any deals. I’m currently on the market for a full-time manager. Things have snowballed so much in the last couple years that I really need one!

Q: Can you give the viewers an idea of how your daily life is, as a musician?
A: BUSY! *grin* There is, of course, a lot of rehearsal involved. Practicing my instruments, my vocals, and my performing. There is also writing. That’s the easiest part because I constantly have songs pushing their way out of me. I write song ideas in my phone all the time. My voicemail is full of little melody clips I’ve sung to myself so I could come back to them later. I spend a lot of time doing co-writing appointments on Skype too.
On the business side of things, there is constant promotion. Booking shows, making travel arrangements, doing interviews, scheduling media appearances, sending music to radio stations, etc. Then there is the boring legal necessities…I won’t even get into detail there (*yawn*).
Then on the human side of things there is spending time connecting with people. This, beyond the music, is my absolute favorite. I love connecting with people and so interacting with them on social networks like Twitter & Facebook is so much FUN. I don’t think artists can spend too much time on their supporters…without them, we wouldn’t have an audience!

Q: What are 5 of the most important things in your life?
A: From a physical aspect – my son, my illustrious hubby man, my friends/family, my pets, my instruments. From a non-physical aspect – Life, love, laughter, learning, & music. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Q: Do you have any Organizations that hold a special place in your heart? (Ex: Cystic Fibrosis, MD, etc.)
A: I’ve been involved with Habitat for Humanity for several years now and think it is a fantastic organization. I’ve also been researching chronic pain/fibromyalgia organizations because I’d like to start working more closely with one or more of them. Not a lot know this, but I have had issues with Fibromyalgia since I was a teenager. I want to help show the world that it is real and help show those that deal with it that you CAN take control of your life and live well despite the pain. It’s not easy, but very little in life that is worth it is easy.

Q: Who do you hope to perform or open for one day?
A: Oh goodness…do you have a few hours? I guess my top pick would probably be Bonnie Raitt, but there are soooooooo many I could name that are all over the musical spectrum. Taylor Swift, Dar Williams, Brad Paisley, John Prine, Michelle Branch, Kesha (yup you read that right), Dan Wilson (Semisonic), Aaron Lewis, Sully Erna, Miranda Lambert, somebody stop me before I keep us here all night…Obviously some of those wouldn’t be good fits for opening (different types of music), but I write music all over the spectrum and would love to work with them.

Q: Where can all of our viewers find all of your music, fan pages, etc.?
A: The best jumping point to find EVERYTHING is my website www.alexcartwright.net. You can find links to all the social media there, but here are the direct links to the main social media sites:






Q: Do you have anything else that you would like for our viewers all over the Globe to know about you that we didn’t cover above?
A: It was recently announced that I am a final nominee for Best Country Artist in the Artists in Music awards. The winner is picked by a judges panel, but they have fan voting to help see what kind of support the artists have. I’d love it if you’d vote for me! www.aimusicawards.com/#!VOTE

Thank You so much to Alex Cartwright for allowing me to Interview her and write this wonderful Article. I am very honored. I am also pleased to see that Alex would like to do more for those with Fibromyalgia. I myself, have Fibromyalgia among MANY other diseases and conditions. Too many to list honestly, unless I sat down one day, on my personal blog and wrote My Story. That may be a good idea. There are many of my Twitter friends/family out there that would like to hear my story and it’s hard to tell it to each person individually. There is a lot to tell.

If you are in the Music Industry, as a Producer, Manager, etc., and are interested in working with Alex, please contact her directly at the links above!

Anyway, if you would like to learn more about Alex, please follow the links listed above. I also say, you can find out a lot about someone, by their music. The lyrics always have a meaning behind them.

Well, this Interview was rather enjoyable, just like all of the others. I appreciate Artists and Songwriters, Producers, Etc. taking time out of their busy schedules to sit down and make time to answer my questions. It’s a great honor. I honestly feel really special.