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This interview was a bit challenging for me, due to the fact that I know Ms. Lexy Gilman! Lexy and I have a mother/daughter type relationship on Twitter (with my personal acct.). I just love this girl to pieces. I asked her questions that I, personally may already know the answers to, but other viewers may not be as lucky to know these answers. With that being said, here are the questions and responses with Ms. Lexy Gilman, the very talented singer/songwriter. (If you haven’t heard of her or her music, you honestly don’t know what you’re missing. She is über talented and it definitely shows! She shines as bright as the brightest star, if not brighter!)

Photo Credit: Twitter© Lexy Gilman

Photo Credit: Twitter
© Lexy Gilman

Q: Who or what inspired you to be a singer/songwriter?
A: I grew up listening to Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, those were the main inspirations for me becoming a singer. As I got older some other artists influenced how I sang and formed the genre I’m in but those two really inspired me to sing. As for being a songwriter, I just picked that up naturally. I remember being about 8 years old and writing lyrics and melody for a song I wrote for Shania Twain, I was convinced she would hear it one day and record it.

Q: What was the inspiration for the lyrics to your first “Original” song?
A: My first full original song was called ‘Journey’ and I wrote it with a friend. I originally wrote the lyrics and we went back over them together and changed it to make the words deeper and more meaningful. The inspiration came from life. It’s called ‘Journey’ and it really is about life being a journey and it’s really an inspirational song, I hope I can record it someday and motivate people.

Q: Mr. Donnie Alan is your “Producer“, correct? Would you say that You and Mr. Alan have the amount of communication that you would like?
A: Yes he is. I think the technology we have today definitely allows us to have communication through any type of social network now a days. We’ve talked through the phone and text and Skype as well as other sites. It’s very convenient for us to that we live a couple of hours away as well, he’s really the best!

Q: Do you have an exact release date for your first “single”? And remind viewers the Title of that Single, please.
A: “We Are One” doesn’t have a specific release date yet, all I can say is that it’s being worked on and being shown lots of attention so it’s absolutely perfect for you all!

Q: Do you have plans in the future to produce and release more singles, or even a Full Album?
A: As of right now I’m still working on writing more songs as well as getting more covers out on my YouTube to keep up to date for my fans.  We do have plans for a second song to be recorded in the studio coming in 2013 called ‘Believe in Love!’

Q: Do you have any specific goals set for your music career in 2013?
A: I definitely want to get going more on my music, setting time for myself specifically for music. I’m a full-time college student as well so my studies come first but any spare time I’m always spending time recording or on an instrument. I want to get more songs recorded and start doing more local shows around my hometown. Maybe do some collaborations with a few of my very talented friends.

Q: Do you have any other goals set for yourself besides your music career?
A: I have some personal goals for the year to just all around better myself in every aspect I can. I believe that’s the key to disciplining yourself as well. I want to prepare myself for my future now so I can live life to the fullest when I decide I’m old enough to go out and live life on my own.

Q: Let’s talk Genres. Do you prefer one Genre of music over another? Or would you rather not “label” yourself into one specific genres?
A: I think the idea of genres is a great idea. I think sometimes it’s hard to fit someone into a certain genre especially in today’s music. I feel like they need a whole separate genre for some of the stuff that seems to be becoming more popular today but I think there are certain genre’s that are definitely more prominent like country, pop, and R&B. I always thought and wanted to be a pop singer but growing older I see myself in more of a pop acoustic indie type genre. I don’t think it’s only me who has this issue as a singer/songwriter but lots of today’s artists do because music has expanded itself for the better, I truly believe that.

Q: If you could travel to another Country, outside of the U.S. to perform, what Country would you choose and why?
A: I would probably go to South America because of the fans. I have quite a few fans from Chile and Brazil and they really are the best. I’m constantly getting Facebook messages from them all asking me how I’m doing and how my singing is going, they’re literally the best. Even if I’m having a bad day, I can just get online and talk to my fans, it really cheers me up.

Q: If you were given the opportunity to open for one artist/group, would it be “One Direction“? If not, who would you choose and why?
A: It would definitely be One Direction just because I could hang out with them then and hopefully one of them would fall in love with me! Haha.
I also really do respect them and their music. I think they deserve everything they have going for them right now and I hope they can continue to do what they love forever.

Q: What are 5 things that you treasure and consider most important in your life?
A: Here are the following 5:

First would be my relationship with Jesus Christ, I would be completely lost without him.

Second would be would be my family and friends. My family is always going to be there for me and it’s the best feeling in the world knowing that. And my friends are the ones I learn to grow with and the ones that really encourage me.

Third would be my memory box. It holds every card and letter I’ve ever received, every honor and drawing I’ve ever done. It’s really special to me, it holds my past and everything special in it.

Fourth would be my instruments. They’re like a get away. I get completely zoned into them most of the time and no matter how anxious or terrible I may get some days I can count on my instruments to take that away from me and make me feel peaceful and calm.

Fifth would be my car. It sound really silly but I’ve waited for so much longer than my friends to get cars and a license and now that I have one I truly appreciate it more than anything in the world. It’s a huge sense of freedom that you obtain having your own car and it’s made me grow up a lot in some ways.

Q: Do you have any Charities/Causes that you donate to now, or plan to donate to in the future? Please tell us why you chose that one?
A: I want to definitely donate to some sort of animal organization in the future. My mother and I both love animals with a passion (we even joke about opening a zoo someday) and I would want nothing more than to help out an animal shelter or help out animals in some way that I can to better their lives.

Q: How would you describe your daily life? (Music related and other.)
A: A normal day would consist of me waking up and going to school, coming home and working on music until my mom get’s home then I usually either go to work or spend time with my mom. Those are the usual weekdays, nothing special. Weekends are my days when I just do completely what I want when I’m not working, I’m usually not working on music because I’m out with friends, seeing movies or having sleepovers with friends or shopping.  I work in retail so that messes up my schedule quite a bit so nothings ever for sure set in my schedule besides school, that’s the only thing that stays the same.

Q: When do you plan to cover another song? And can you tell us what song you are thinking of covering?
A: I hope to cover another song within the next week or two! I just put up a new cover a couple of days ago called “Never Do What You’re Told” by Perfect People on my brand new ukulele. I’m not sure which song I’ll be covering yet or what instrument but I do have plans to do one!

Q: Where exactly can our viewers find all of your music, fan pages, etc.?
A: You can find all of my music and fan pages at the links below:

You can subscribe to my YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/LexyGilmanMusic

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @LexyGilman & LexyGilman

You can friend me on Facebook and like my Facebook Fan Page both: Lexy Gilman

You can become a fan on Reverbnation at http://www.reverbnation.com/lexygilman

And you can follow me on tumblr:  alexisgilman.tumblr.com

Thank you Lexy for allowing me to interview you & write this article. I look forward to keeping in touch (of course I will lol) and keeping Our viewers up to date with all of your accomplishments, new covers, new productions, releases, etc.

ALSO, please feel free to add anything extra you’d like to each question. And if you’d like add a short bio or something.

I want to tell everyone how much you guys really do inspire me. I’ll get random tweets or Facebook messages from people I may or may not know telling me they’ve watched my video’s.  And giving me positive feedback. It’s one of the best feelings in the world when other people around you are supporting you and your dream. It’s this special feeling that nothing can top in the world. I love my fans more than anything, they keep me up when I’m down and I want to make them all proud someday. I’m always there for them and I’m glad they’re going to always be there for me. I’ve said this before and I truly mean it… I believe in my you all, I hope you can believe in me.

Thank you very much to @TheCountryBuzzz for this interview, you’re great! xoxo


I think that just about sums it up! And rather detailed I’d say. Lexy really made this interview and article quite easy for me. She typed out more than I expected her to type out on her own. (I do appreciate that by the way lol.) I enjoyed this very much, and I hope you all will take the time to listen to her music, follow her on these Social Networking Sites above, get to know her, and follow her through this Journey of life.

I am proud to be able to one day say “I knew Lexy Gilman before she became a Super Star. I also had the privilege of Interviewing her and writing an Article on her.” Whatever “Label” signs Ms. Lexy Gilman is very lucky. They will have a true talent that will make their company shine just as bright as she does!

Again, thank you all for reading.
I would like for “everyone” that reads this, to follow her on Twitter if you aren’t already.
I have a challenge for y’all.. And that is to help me get Lexy Gilman Twitter Verified” by the end of 2013! Are y’all ready to help me fulfill that dream for Lexy? And what a better way to start the New Year.. With a challenge for a super talented, amazing young lady, that deserves to have that little blue check next to her name!