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The Country Buzzz recently had an amazing opportunity to interview the wonderful and talented, Country Music Artist: Brittany Bexton – Below you will see the Interview Questions we asked Brittany, along with her personal responses. We will continue to keep you up-to-date with news about Brittany’s career as they arise. So check back frequently and be sure to follow us on Twitter as all updates we make here, will automatically be posted to our Twitter page! Here is the interview, enjoy!

Photo Credit: Twitter© Brittany Bexton

Photo Credit: Twitter
© Brittany Bexton

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: My Name is Brittany Bexton, and I was Born and raised in a small town in Northern Ca. called Novato. I went to a musical theater conservatory for college in the Central Coast of California, Called PCPA, and did professional theater for a while after that, before I stopped doing theater so I could focus more of my energy on my music career. I am currently living in Nashville, TN pursuing my music career, and doing some touring.

Q: At what age did you begin singing?
A: I have truly been singing my whole life. When I was about 18 months or so, I was at a camp with my family, and I wandered away from my family, and got up on stage and picked up a microphone, and started singing. It’s a true story, and I even have a picture! Music is just a part of my soul, and always has been.  I sang in Church Choirs after that, and started taking voice lessons privately when I was twelve years old, as well as doing musical theater. Throughout High School I sang in Jazz Choir, Show Choir, Musical Theater, and concert choir, as well as doing solos, and continuing private voice. I took private lessons throughout college, as well as attended a conservatory for college, where we studied, singing, acting, and dancing in a very intense training program for two years. I’m happy to be pursuing my own music now.

Q: Do you write any or all of your music? or do you have a co-writer?
A: I do write my own music. Though I am not opposed to singing other people’s songs as well, I currently write all of my music. My latest EP is entirely music that I have written by myself. In California, people don’t co-write often. However, since moving to Nashville, I have done a lot of co-writing, and really enjoy it. It can really round a song up nicely to have another mind in the mix.

Q: Do you currently have a producer?
A: Though I did work with a producer on my last project, who was great,  I do not currently have a steady producer. There are a lot of fantastic producers out there, but at the end of the day it has to do with their relationship to you and your music. Do they really get what you are doing with your music? Do they hear where you want to go with your songs? Are they willing to hear your opinion, and be open to your suggestion and feedback? These are all things I’m interested in finding in a producer long-term. It’s about finding the right fit for me, and my music long-term.

Q: What was your first “single” titled? When was the release date? And who or what was the inspiration for the lyrics to that song?
A: My first official single is “Baby Come Back To Bed” I recorded it last December, but just released it to radio in July 2012. It is being played by some online, indie, and even a few FM stations, country-wide, as well as a station in England. I’m really excited to have my music out there, and hope to spread it further! I wrote the song a few years ago, when I was in a relationship with a Fireman, who worked for the forest service, and was a really hard-worker. He finally had a day off to rest, and he was getting up early to meet his brother for a bike ride. In my early morning delirium, I started having the chorus sing in my “Come Back, Baby, Come Back, Baby come back to bed…” And I thought it was funny at the time, but recorded it on my phone, and ended up writing the rest of it later.

Q: Do you already have a “Full Album” out? If yes, do you have a release date? If no, do you plan to release one in the future?
A: I don’t currently have a full album out. I put out an EP in January last year though, and it has 5 songs on it.  I do, however, plan on recording a full album eventually though. Right now I’m writing every day, and working on new songs that would be good to release. And I’m also focusing more effort on doing some mini tours and really building my fan base, and meeting new people. When I release my full length album, I want to make sure I’m releasing the right songs for me as an artist, and for my fans, and I want to make sure that I have the audience ready to receive it.

Q: Who or what gave you the inspiration to begin and pursue a music career?
A: I really can’t say there was any one person over time that inspired me to have a career in music. It’s just who I am, and what I’ve always wanted to do. I have always been inspired by other artists though, and their music. They have been the sound track to my life, and a constant inspiration to me. I truly believe that to be an artist, you also have to be a true music fan. I have listened to a little bit of everything throughout my love, from Motown, and blues, to alternative rock, and country. I just love good music, period.

Q: Do you have a specific “genre” of music that you sing, or do you perform a mixture of genres?
A: I am a country artist, with a bluesy, soulful undertone. I love country, because it is truly about real life, and the songs are stories. And I love that roots of country music from blues to bluegrass. Country music is still about the soul of the instruments, and the soul of the voice.

Q: Are you currently playing any gigs such as local festivals, etc.?
A: I am currently in CA. on a holiday tour, where I will play in San Francisco tomorrow night (Dec. 29th) at a club called 50 Mason Social House in San Francisco. I’m really looking forward to the show, it’ll be a lot of fun. We are going to be doing some live taping as well, for a music video for my current single.  We are working on some more bookings for the New Year as well, but don’t have any shows posted yet. Check out my tour page on my website in the New Year for updates (www.BrittanyBexton.com).

Q: Do you have a charity/cause that you donate to? If so, which one and why did you choose that particular one? If more than one, please list them and the reason.
A: I do! I am pretty much a sucker for anything having to do with Children, and animals. The two that I have donated to in the past, are St. Jude’s, and the Humane Society. Those are two causes I definitely believe in. I feel especially strong about supporting St. Jude’s, because I worked with a little girl on some shows when I was in college, and at the time, she became like a niece to me. Shortly after I graduated, she was diagnosed with cancer, and had to start Chemo. She is amazing, and a warrior, and she is a survivor. She has become a beautiful young adult. But it is a really hard thing to go through as a child, and I remember how difficult it was for her, and I believe in giving all children the same chance for care that she had.

Q: Let’s say you were given the opportunity to open for one Artist, who would you choose and why?
A: I’m going to go with someone who is no longer alive, since this is my fantasy. I would love to open for Patsy Cline. She is one of my favorite artists of all time, and I would’ve loved to meet her, and talk to her while she was still around.

Q: How would you describe your daily life as a musician?
A: My Daily life as a musician is busy! There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t see. The business aspect for example, and the writing. Every day, I get up and do writing exercises, and vocal warm-ups. Then I do my online posts, to touch bases with fans for the morning, and throughout the day, I practice my songs, sometimes in a long rehearsal with other musicians, sometimes alone, I might do an interview, or mail some press kits. I do research for future shows, and map out tour routes and costs. I do afternoon posts online, I sometimes have writing appointments during the day as well. And at night, I either have shows, interviews, or on a night off, I’ll usually go out networking at local clubs, before doing posts and updates in the evening. There is a lot involved! My favorite things are being able to just perform and write, but the business pieces are necessary components for building a music career.

Q: Are there any other goals you have set for yourself, other than being a successful musician?
A: I really want to be able to give back with my music. I want to not only have a successful music career, but also make a difference with my music. I also really want a family of my own at some point. It’s not an easy thing to do with a music career, but for me it is a huge priority as well. I know my music has to be priority right now, but at some point I really want a life partner. And even after having a husband, I know kids will wait for while, until I can safely take time to be pregnant and have children without losing momentum in my career at a pivotal time.

Q: Where can all of our viewers find your music, fan pages, etc.?
A: All of my music is online at my website: www.BrittanyBexton.com from my website, you can link to my Facebook, my iTunes, my Twitter, my YouTube, etc. I am very active on both Twitter, and Facebook, and I love interacting with fans, and answering questions, so please do find me there my Twitter Handle is: @BrittanyBexton, and my Facebook page is www.facebook.com/BrittanyBexton  I also have a mailing list through my website that I use for show updates, and free giveaways and specials. Anyone that signs up gets a free download of one of my songs. Thank you for having me! I look forward to keeping in touch!

*I enjoyed doing this Interview with Ms. Bexton. Yes, the questions were rather short and simple, but with her responses, we got just what we were looking for, and that was to learn more about her, her music career, and what her plans are for the future.

I am extremely pleased to see one of her Charities/Causes to be St. Jude’s!
You too can donate to St. Jude’s by clicking here: DONATE NOW

Remember, check back often as updates will be posted when they arise. The Country Buzzz is excited to keep in touch with Ms. Bexton and follow her along her journey. We also wish her the best of luck in her career and may she succeed in all of her goals.

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The Country Buzzz would like to say “Thank You” to Ms. Brittany Bexton for taking the time out of her busy schedule to sit down and give us this interview. We are honored!

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